Residential, Commercial & Industrial Disposal Services


Midwestern Sanitation will assess the volume of waste generated along with the size of the waste. We will help determine the location for the compactor for convenience of loading waste material and servicing the unit, proximity to a power source as well as selection of the following options. Midwestern will also assure that all installations comply with OSHA and ANSI standards. MWS can provide sale, rental or lease-to-own options to fit your financial needs. All compactors are new or like-new condition. Our containers are well maintained—we strive to keep them looking good so that your property looks good also.


Self-Contained Compactor 

The self-contained compactor is designed to reduce in volume refuse that is wet. It is ideal for restaurants  grocery stores, and hospitals as well as other locations where the waste stream generated has a high amount of liquid. The leak-proof unit ensures a safe and environmentally sound site.


Stationary Compactor 

Designed and built to meet the demands of larger volume waste generators of dry waste material. Typical end-users include industrial/commercial facilities, warehouses and office buildings. Stationary units range in size to handle heavy industrial locations such as automotive plants to a retailer recycling cardboard.


Vertical Compactor 

Designed for customers who have a limited area for a compactor. Vertical compactors have leak-proof containers making them suitable for restaurants. Other uses for dry waste streams include cardboard and office paper recycling.