Residential, Commercial & Industrial Disposal Services

Taylor, MI

Trash Pickup

Our customer service staff is always standing by to answer your questions and take care of your waste as quickly as possible. Below are a few resources regarding curbside rubbish pick-up information.

Rubbish Pick-Up Schedule & Map >>

Rubbish Rules & Regulations >>


Recycling Information

For proper pickup of the automated rubbish and recycling carts, please place carts three feet apart from each other.  The arm on the automated truck needs this space for grabbing the cart. If they are not properly spaced, the driver will place a notice on the cart and leave materials behind.  The driver is not responsible for moving carts so they may be serviced.

2013 Recycling Calendar >>

2013 Recycling Map >>



Compost Pickup

Begins the first week of March, 2013

Please place all compost in either a clearly marked 32 gallon container or compost bags.  Compost bags are available for purchase at City Hall, DPW or most local retailers.  Limbs must be cut, bundled and tied in no larger than 4-foot lengths and weighing no more than 50 lbs. per bundle. Compost will be picked up March 1st through the last week of November.