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Westland, MI

All trash and yard waste should be placed neatly in back of the curb before 6:00 a.m. on collection day (10 bags or a 5 can limit). Remove empty trash cans the same day after pick-up. Separate yard waste cans, bags, tree trimmings and leaves from regular refuse by at least ten (10) feet. If your trash can is accidentally taken by the sanitation workers, you may call Midwestern Sanitation at 313-561-0303 or DPS at 734-728-1770. Please attempt to have the Midwestern Sanitation truck number when you call.

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Curbside Pickup Rules

Garbage cans must have handles and shall not be smaller than 10 gallons or more than 32 gallons, or heavier than 60 pounds when loaded. Cardboard boxes, paper bags or yard waste containers may not be used as garbage containers. Carpet, tarps, and rug padding must be bundled and tied not over 4' in length. Carpeting, padding, and tarps must be limited to ten (10) rolls per week. Special pick-up is provided for household furniture and appliances only. All doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers, and emptied. On dirt streets, all containers must be placed on the street side of the ditch. On paved streets, containers must be placed on the back of curb and not directly on paved streets.


Unacceptable Items

Items NOT accepted include: bricks, concrete blocks, lumber, cement, stones, drywall, gravel, roofing materials, steel structural shapes, bikes of any kind, swing sets of any kind, fencing of any kind, car parts, railroad ties, sod, pallets, dirt of any kind, tree stumps, tree trunks, paint, glass doors, windows, paneling, countertops, kitchen cabinets, flooring, tile of any kind, ceiling tile, and sheds, picnic tables, pianos, pool tables, ping pong tables must be cut into 8ths, hot tubs, dog houses, arcade games, tires/wheels. 


Non Collection Days

Collections are not made on legal holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Garbage collection will be delayed one day if a holiday falls during the week. 


Frozen trash: Workers will do the best they can under the circumstances. If the trash is frozen to the ground the crew cannot take it. Due to safety considerations, crews cannot "dig out" frozen materials in trash cans. 


Heavy snow: Midwestern Sanitation will send trucks out on schedule except in extreme conditions. Workers will do the best they can under the circumstances. Place rubbish on top of the snow. Bags and cans must be accessible from the road. Dark bags are easiest to see.