Residential, Commercial & Industrial Disposal Services

Dumpster Rentals

Front End Load Containers

These containers are ideal for retail, restaurants, professional offices, and shopping complexes. We will work with you to best meet your container needs—from a creating a service schedule, determining whether a flat or slant top, and finding the proper size. Front-end load container sizes range from 2 - 8 cubic yards and can be serviced up to seven days per week.


Roll-off Dumpsters

Roll-offs is best utilized for residential projects larger manufacturing facilities, construction sites, institutional facilities and special events. They're designed for large volume waste streams that are difficult to compact. Other uses include industrial waste that needs to be isolated from other waste streams (sludge, process type waste, out-dated products and pollution control waste).


Roll-off containers are useful time/labor saving devices. Because of the large opening on the top of the container, roll-offs allow operators to quickly dispose of large loads or items into the container. MWS will also ensure that all material exiting your facility or site will be disposed of in EPA and locally approved disposal or recycling sites. Roll-off container sizes range from 10-100 cubic yards and can be serviced as little as one time per month or multiple times per day.


Compactor Containers

An economical solution for businesses that generate large volumes of waste or recyclables, utilized by multiple tenant situations or retail shops in malls as a way to reduce waste collection costs. Compactors save money in the long haul using volume waste reducing compactors, whereupon a 3 - 1 reduction can easily be obtained. Also available are self-contained compactors, designed to reduce in volume refuse that is wet. It is ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, and hospitals as well as other locations where the waste stream generated has a high amount of liquid. Compacting saves space inside and out, improves housekeeping efficiency, controls scavenging and pests. Other cost saving benefits includes labor; fire and liability, worker compensation insurances. Compactor containers are available in 1 - 8 yard capacities and can be serviced from one to multiple times per month or call-in service. Purchase or lease programs are available.

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